Workforce Concepts Welcomes Michele M Comisiak

Michele has been working in the insurance industry since 2013, primarily working on the carrier side, and receiving the Rookie of the Year Award from her Region in 2014.  In 2017 she also began working as a Benefits Educator for Direct Path, a benefits company out of Alabama, helping enroll clients in both core and supplemental benefits across the country.  This is something she enjoys a great deal, since she gets to interact with so many different people.  She also partnered during that time with another agent to teach Continuing Education courses for insurance agents in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Michele graduated from Millersville University of PA in 1992 with a degree in Elementary Education and from Bloomsburg University of PA in 2000 with a degree in Health Physics.  The variety of skills she has learned through these two previous diverse careers has served her surprisingly well when dealing with employees from all spectrums.

Her primary focus whenever sitting down with an employee is to make sure they understand their options.  She feels that education is so important because so many people don’t understand the benefits they have available to them, and she wants them to walk away feeling more comfortable about the choices they make, and how to best utilize them.  Michele will be working as a hybrid position to assist the account management team, as well as the sales team.  Welcome Michele and we are happy to have you with us!