Workforce Concepts Testimonials

I enrolled in coverage made available by my employer in 2009. Little did I know, two years later I would soon be diagnosed with cancer. During my time away from work I received my benefits through cigna as part of my disability. Little did I realize that AFLAC would provide me with such a financial cushion so I could focus on my health and recovery. My agent Chris Compton and his assistant helped not only me, but assisted my wife in getting the paperwork, spoke to my doctor, and got us the check in a timely manner.

I am not sure where I would be without my AFLAC coverage. I would highly advise anyone to enroll in this coverage as protection against catastrophic illness or accidents. Had I not had this coverage available through my employer I may not have had the opportunity to enroll in this valuable coverage’ I would have never had enough money to cover the out of pocket costs, hospital stay, and lost wages from work.

This has been a blessing for me and my family.”

– William Bond

In May 2004, Mr. Compton came to Johns Hopkins Hospital.  I was listening to the incentives, but uncertain about the services that were offered.  It seemed to real to be true.  I really gave Mr. Compton a hard time.  I questioned him over and over again about the benefits.  Well, I decided to get the premium plan for myself and my family.  Little did I know that my daughter Ciarra Yates, 8 years old, would have a stroke, in which she was in the hospital for over a month.  FMLA kept my job, but it didn’t pay me anything.  I had disability, but I was perfectly ok, so my disability wouldn’t pay to help cover my bills.  I called Mr. Compton and his assistant and they were sincere and concerned in responding to my needs.  The benefits paid over $15,000 to cover my lost wages from work, co-pays, deductibles, etc.  This is the best investment I could have ever made.  It’s the best thing since Popcorn!  I would like to thank the Baltimore office for helping me and my daughter Ciarra.  I thank GOD these benefits were available for me and my family and that Workforce Concepts stepped into my life.”

-The Yates Family

My father had the unfortunate circumstance of having a heart attack this past March.  Often times there are certain earthly consequences for things we experience during our life.  Being a smoker all his life, when he retired this past March from being a meat cutter for a local grocery store, he wasn’t in the best of shape.  He was in the Hospital for 7 days, had to have double bypass surgery, and had to seek constant follow up treatments.  My mother, who was still working at the time, had disability, but that didn’t pay her anything.  She exhausted some of her paid time off, applied for Family Medical Leave Act (which doesnt pay anything) which kept her job, and had to drive my father from and to his appointments.  She also stayed with him in the hospital a few nights.  Ordinarily this would put most people in a financial bind.  Thankfully my father had a critical illness policy, which paid him over $13,000.  This helped pay his deductible, out of pocket costs, and medications.  My parents also used the money to help pay for my mother’s lost wages from work, pay for  gas  she put in her car to drive my father back and forth to the hospital, and for some food she may have purchased during her overnights at the hospital.  Most people don’t think about things like this happening to them.  Thankfully there are benefit solutions to help people financially protect themselves.  God Bless.